Halloween at the Disneyland Resort

One of my favorite times of year combined with one of my favorite places = perfection!

So I was at Michael’s on Friday and SURPRISE Halloween is here!! Sure it’s only July, at least it wasn’t Christmas! Fall is my favorite season, the cooler weather, the colorful leaves, pumpkin spice… and I LOVE Halloween! I love the orange and purple, the pumpkins, the crafts, the costumes, and the sweets! I’m not much into the scary but for some reason I love, love, love Halloween!

Disney has been releasing Halloween details throughout the week, that got me thinking of our last trip to Disneyland during Halloween – it has been far too long!

                    Do you see that date?!? 7 years ago? EEk!

Haunted Mansion goes all out starting in late September and lasting until after Christmas – I have friends who are not fans of the overlay – they prefer the Haunted Mansion in its original form, I agree it is a classic, but for me and somewhat surprisingly as someone who isn’t really a big fan of the movie I LOVE the theme of the ride!


Did I mention how I love pumpkins?


We also got to meet characters we don’t usually see AND our favorites IN COSTUME – (I love costumes!)


And of course who can forget the candy! This was NOT our main focus, we only went to each candy location once – Disney is just generous! We had enough to last at least the rest of the month of October…


I also love Disney, as a family we made countless trips to both the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World, watch for more posts on different events – some old, some new as I get back to me 🙂

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