Ditching Plastic Bags

Ditching Plastic Bags

I just dropped off what I hope is my last load of plastic bags for recycle! I had bought reusable bags years ago but I only managed to use them sporadically. Anyone else had that problem? Forgot them in the house, forgot them in the car, forgot I had them at all… I admit it was laziness, going plastic free takes commitment, I’m going to have to teach myself some new going to the store habits.

I started by looking to see what “advancements” have been made in the reusable bag market… I came across these Grab Bags, they clip right into your cart – the price was right and reviews were good! They even make large ones for Sam’s Club or Costco.

I admit, we forgot them in the car… after a brief “we’ll do it next time” discussion my daughter was awesome enough to run out and get them.

I forgot to take a before picture but here are our two filled bags – there was still more room in each bag.



I thought it might be more awkward filling them because of the layout of Walmart but the bag just sat on the center of the bagging carousel and my daughter held them open and helped the cashier pack things in. It actually went much faster than if she had used the plastic bags.



They fit nicely in my trunk…

This cart has been a lifesaver! We live on an acre and its a long walk to the front door, if I parked in the garage and went in that door it wouldn’t be that far (stay tuned for a whole other project), but that’s not happening right now. Anyway, this cart has saved me from my “I can get all the bags in one shot” arm extending workout! 







I bought two packs of 2  (hoping that means there is always 1 set in the car)  I’m thinking I could fit a third one in there if I put the “kid seat” up and scooted them back.

So to sum it up, first grocery trip down and I LOVE the bags – it was quick, easy, the cashier was nice and we didn’t bring home a single plastic grocery bag!

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  • Ann

    September 7, 2017 at 3:25 am Reply

    I LOVE this idea! Sometimes it can be tricky finding bags or carrying both recyclable bags and groceries. Oh, and I forget to keep bags in the car too. This would solve that problem. Thank you for sharing!

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