All our eggs in one basket

All our eggs in one basket

Or really in one coop… although this may be the coop build that never ends…

After starting these 3 adorable chickens in the classroom, I decided I couldn’t live with out them!

They were a HUGE hit! Meet Pearl, Tiger and Cheetah.

This was a return visit to the classroom, after they outgrew their first home.

We started by building a little red coop bought at Tractor Supply. This was in a nice little protected area at our previous house that I used to have my pet rabbits housed in and then became an outdoor area for our cats to hang out, but they really weren’t all that thrilled about being outside, so it was currently vacant…

Soon Lady Winston and Lady Conrad joined the flock. In no time we had more eggs than we knew what to do with.

Luckily my kids loved eggs!

When we moved to our new house we had an acre of land that was a bit more spread out. They needed a larger and super secure area to protect them from coyotes. So I began to peruse Pinterest and found so many amazing backyard chicken coops! I bought plans from here, but by the time we started we had added two ducks … Donald and Daisy. So we modified the plans into a double with a half divider between the two.

Looks pretty good for our first ever build of anything! We used a tape measure! and a level! and POWER TOOLS!

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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